I’m black, I’m white, I rank sites overnight, position 1 is all the same, fucking google is still a game #blackisback So, bored on a Saturday and just wanted to prove a point. Registered the domain www.bitcoinforextips.com It was a tough one, I put out a tweet saying I was bored and fancied a little Read More →

Pounds, Shillings, Pence, Rupees and Rubles Recently a dude I know wrote a post that he took quite a bit of flack for. Chris had been approached by some people who just happened to be of Indian origin, trying to get him to part with some heard earned money, for some SEO, some link building Read More →

When a big fish is swimming in your pond.. Get the fuck out of dodge. Now, when I settle down for an evening of making money I am either doing one of two things. I am playing poker or I am creating a new site, because I have some new or adapted way of monetizing Read More →


Google has some of the smartest people working for it, but increasingly I’m beginning to wonder if too much of a good thing could be bad… i.e. can too many smarties spoil the broth? Whatcha mean Well, Matt Cutts just announced another Algo update (to weed out what he calls webspam). He says this update Read More →

Yo, mama, dig out my black hat, we gona party like its 2000 baby! Black hat is back, Google Bowling is back, negative SEO is rocking the world…. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Google, Cutts, listen up biatches…………SORT IT OUT! So, there has been a whole host of chatter recently, some mainstream and some not so main stream But… Read More →

State of Search I will tell you the state of search, it’s broke, the ranking’s are full of absolute garbage. Google has gone on tilt and there is nothing any of us can do about it, except bend over and say thank you Mr Google. Who is Mr Google, is Matt, is it larry or Read More →

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Link Building. what do you look for? Link Evaluation Survey 2012 infographicBy Orange Line SEO


Ok friends. I am not happy. So, load up your browser of choice and visit the most popular search engine on the planet, yes, Google. Now conduct an innocent search for say books, news, blogs, videos, maps, images. Look at the results! We are being exploited. Google is returning Google properties. Live in the US Read More →


Yup, it’s true, its loaded, and they are ready to fire! Not Page Rank, but, PRESS RELEASE. It is against Google’s (free link not paid for brand mention but followed ) to pay for links, yada yada yada…. So, the “distribution” cost for Press Releases is masking paid links, so Google is going afetr the Read More →


Google is up to its old bullying tricks again. Its behaviour resembles that of a 900lb Gorilla rampaging around inflicting pain and aggravation because it’s testicles have just been reshaped by a kick from one of its colleagues. Not a pleasant concept and folks the world over are feeling the pain and pressure it is Read More →